“Follow the Bouncing Bs”

Bandari and Bollywood

Join Jo, Monica, and the Crescent Moon Dancers for a fun day of bouncy dances sure to get your face smiling, your body moving, and your blood pumping!

Morning class: Bandari

Bandari (from the Persian word “Bandar” meaning port) is a folkdance from the Persian Gulf region of Iran. Although it originated in a specific region, Bandari is now very popular throughout the Iranian culture sphere. Bandari is a happy, celebratory dance, bouncy and loose in nature. It is performed at both formal ceremonies, such as weddings, and informal parties.
In the morning class, Jo will introduce students to some of the common movements of Bandari, and put them together in a short choreography.

Afternoon class: Bollywood

Born from the movie industry of Mumbai, India, Bollywood dance featured classical Indian dance styles that were part of the dances of historic northern Indian courtesans (tawaif), or folk dances. In modern films, Indian dance elements have often blended with Western dance styles. Bollywood dances and music are often upbeat and energetic or hopelessly romantic and always very theatrical.
In the afternoon class, Mónica will introduce students to a short choreography of the song Gun Gun Guna.